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The Drowned Dollies

Were all just little girls in a candy land

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This is the new home for the community drowned_d0llies. The community was hacked.
[post.script] this info is under major construction

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In order to bring this place back to life after being kicked out of our original community, the next 15 new members will be auto accepted. You must follow all new dollie rules, so be sure to read them. If you do not, then you will be rejected. And you must fill out the application.
spots left
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new member rules member rules

[01] Once joining you must fill out the application within 48 hours. We don't like lurkers.
[02] Put the application behind a cut! And make sure to tag it with "applications"
[03] If you want a member to elaborate on their vote, ask nicely.
[04] Do not get into an argument with a member. You will most likely end up being banned.
[05] If you are rejected, you may try again in three days. If you are rejected again, you must email a mod and tell them why you deserve a third and final shot. 3 times you're out! If you try applying for a third time without consent of a mod, or a fourth time you will be banned.
[06] Do not advertise in your info or rating community for your application, it will not count and you could be auto rejected.
[07] You're subject line should be the lyrics to your favorite song. Otherwise you will be auto rejected for not reading the rules.
[08] Let a mod know if you are having problems with one of the members immediately.
[09] Girls Only!

[01] Once you have been accepted put a banner in your user info. They can be found here.
[02] When voting name your comment yes, no, or undecided.
[03] When voting, explain your vote. No need to be rude, you didn't want that when you applied.
[04] Respect all mods and members as well.
[05] You may whore communities. BUT, you must put them behind a cut and if you can put a little description in there as well.
[06] Be Active!
[07] Have fun and don't stop being a doll dahling!
[08] Do not rate girls only on looks, we are all pretty here.
[09] Only mods can stamp applications.
[10] All pictures must be behind cuts. You may leave one above the cut.
[12] No Drama!

application mia & former member application

Join The Community, Fill it out, Post it and wait.
(remove spaces)
< lj-cut text="Application" >
</ lj-cut >

Max 5 pictures, you may however post more down the line if you get accepted! (also tell which one you would want on the members page)

If you were a member and were removed you need to also add 3 reasons why you should be re-admitted to the community.

Coming soon...

mods members

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email & msn: xlunniax@hotmail.com
aim: synthetikcykik
yahoo: liquidcoruption

rejected sisters

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