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mod - more news

Here is some more news. Everyone needs to read this and the other one I posted last night.

[05] There is a new members list page including some history of the community. You can check it out here.

[06] The info will be coming next. A whole new look for a new year.
I'm looking for suggestions on the following (leave a comment):

- New member rules
- Member rules
- The application
- The application for removed & former members
- Interests

[07] We will be having a bi weekly theme! Which means every two weeks a theme will be posted. Everyone must participate once a month. With one every two weeks that gives you two chances. If you do not wish to participate in either you need to make a post with some suggestions for themes and the community.
I'm looking for suggestions on the following (leave a comment):

- Theme ideas
- Theme rules

[08] If you become inactive, you will be considered MIA. Once MIA you will have to reapply with a special application that I'm working on. You are considered inactive if you do not participate in the themes, make a post, or vote on applications for two months.

[09] Application time! Everyone is being given the opportunity to fill out the application again! I do not know how long drowned_d0llies is going to remain up. So everyone needs to send me a link to their original application, copy and paste your application into a post here, or just do it again. If you copy and paste your original please make necessary changes like your age and whatnot. This does not apply for moontrip because she has already reposted her app or laika_come_home since she is new.


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