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we're on greatest journal!

I'm extremely bored at work. So, we are now on greatest journal.
Go join if you have one (and please comment on the top entry). And let your friends know on there.

mod - more news

Here is some more news. Everyone needs to read this and the other one I posted last night.

[05] There is a new members list page including some history of the community. You can check it out here.

[06] The info will be coming next. A whole new look for a new year.
I'm looking for suggestions on the following (leave a comment):

- New member rules
- Member rules
- The application
- The application for removed & former members
- Interests

[07] We will be having a bi weekly theme! Which means every two weeks a theme will be posted. Everyone must participate once a month. With one every two weeks that gives you two chances. If you do not wish to participate in either you need to make a post with some suggestions for themes and the community.
I'm looking for suggestions on the following (leave a comment):

- Theme ideas
- Theme rules

[08] If you become inactive, you will be considered MIA. Once MIA you will have to reapply with a special application that I'm working on. You are considered inactive if you do not participate in the themes, make a post, or vote on applications for two months.

[09] Application time! Everyone is being given the opportunity to fill out the application again! I do not know how long drowned_d0llies is going to remain up. So everyone needs to send me a link to their original application, copy and paste your application into a post here, or just do it again. If you copy and paste your original please make necessary changes like your age and whatnot. This does not apply for moontrip because she has already reposted her app or laika_come_home since she is new.


Community News [002]

[01] Ok, so there are 14 spots left in the auto accepted new members thingy. If you didn't know about this please see my last news post as well as the info. I'm doing this to try and get new members quicker. Once the 15 spots have been filled (one has been already) then we will go back to voting. Although voting on these applications is still suggested and allowed, so you can still have your say about the application. So please promote where you can!!

[02] I will be updating the members page tomorrow, if you would like to change your picture please leave one in a comment. I'll resize and crop myself.

[03] If you have the time, look through the old community for your app and send me a link to it. I'm going to be doing some updates to the members page and whatnot.

[04] Start tagging your entries if you can remember, I think it would be a neat way to have an archive.

Current Members:
miss_agent_m miss_watson abrachia amordemorte oh_synapse decadent_dru kittywonderland laika_come_home moontrip especially

New Members:
laika_come_home [you may and should still vote on the application]

These girls have until February 1st to come to the new community or they will be removed as members and will need to reapply.
gutterxglitz sinistar______x beavisface dev8tinglyhyper natureisawhore_ xbad_candy _quillz_ _halfaccidental killgirlswatch __hollywood_ _sugarfix


Community News [001]

Community news is back! Yay. It looks as if this will be our new home. Thats alright, it gives us a fresh start.

I'm going to be probably making new tables and stuff for the info. I'm also going to be searching for a new layout at some layout communities. If anyone would like to make one, make it and let me know.

So here's the deal. Since we moved, lets get some more members. Promote because the first 15 new applicants will be auto accepted (as long as they follow the application rules of course). I really want to get this place going again.

So far the following have made the move to the new home:
miss_agent_m miss_watson abrachia amordemorte oh_synapse decadent_dru kittywonderland moontrip especially

The following have made name changes
x_heartdonor is now abrachia
a_thousandmiles is now kittywonderland

The following need to inform me if they are a name change or they need to apply.

Everyone has until Feb 1st to either make the move, apply, or contact me about leaving the community. After that those who have not will be removed from the members list and people that did not apply will be removed as members.


Hey gals, please read!

Ok, new members have until Feb 1st to post applications. Long time I know, but I probably won't be able to be around all that much for a while. Anyways, please note if you're an old member joining with a new name so I can make the changes.

Welcome to our new home. I guess LJ isn't going to give us back the old community.

News Flash

Our community drowned_d0llies has been hijacked by ljmorgana . They removed all of the maintainers and from what it looks like removed posting access as well. I can't post from here or my personal journal miss_agent_m. Please check to see if you have posting access. If so, let me know.

I've reported this but nothing has happened yet. Until this, this is our new home.




Community History:

The community drowned_d0llies was started on August 8, 2004 by bloodybrokenluv. Sometime in late 2004 or early 2005 (I can't remember) she decided to leave live journal and hand the community over to me, miss_agent_m. Ever since then I've been struggling to keep the community alive. In December of 2006, a person who shall remain nameless managed to hijack the original community. So I moved us here to drowned_d0lls.

The rest of this entry is a list of all members, links to their applications, and a small photo. If you would like to change your members picture or update your user name, please leave a comment here. If you are considered MIA or a former member, you must reapply to the community. I probably still have your photo hosted on the photobucket account I have for the community.
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